mushroom cloud

mushroom cloud
Synonyms and related words:
A-blast, A-bomb shelter, Cloudcuckooland, H-blast, Mach front, airborne radioactivity, alto-cumulus, alto-stratus, anvil cloud, atom blast, banner cloud, billowy cloud, blast wave, cap cloud, cirro-cumulus, cirro-fillum, cirro-nebula, cirro-stratus, cirro-velum, cirrus, cirrus cloud, cirrus haze, cirrus stripe, cloud, cloud band, cloud bank, cloud drift, cloud mass, cloud street, cloudland, cloudling, cloudscape, cocktail, cottony cloud, cumulo-cirro-stratus, cumulo-cirrus, cumulo-nimbus, cumulo-stratus, cumulus, cumulus cloud, curl cloud, dust cloud, fallout, fallout shelter, fission particles, flash burn, fleecy cloud, fractocumulus, ground zero, high fog, hydrogen blast, mackerel sky, mammatocumulus, nimbus, nimbus cloud, radioactive dust, rain cloud, scud, snail cloud, squall cloud, storm cloud, strato-cumulus, stratus, stratus cloud, thundercloud, thunderhead, water carrier, woolpack

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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